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Travel Like a Pro - Saving €€€

As some of you have probably noticed from my Instagram, I have been lucky enough to be able to do a good amount of travelling in the past few years. In the last two weeks I have taken two very special trips, the first to London and the next to Venice. Honestly, I end up doing two trips in two weeks this time every year because it is when I have time off work, so I try to make the most of my time off.

Travelling can be tricky at times and it can be so confusing trying to organise a holiday to a place that you have never been before especially when you are taking other people. So I have decided to relay a few tips and tricks that I have learned along the way about the best, and most affordable ways to travel.

1. Know where you are going!

This seems obvious but I mean it in a more literal way. Study the map of where you are going. Make sure to research where the main attractions are or where the areas you want to visit are. Ensure that you know what type of transport options are available to you. For example, do the places you are visiting have a metro, or underground rail system, are taxi's common or few and far between, how does the bus system work? Are there stops close to your accommodation? Do they use apps like myTaxi or Uber? (or if you're going to Thailand/ other parts of Asia Grab). Having this type of information in your back pocket will give you such an advantage when you arrive at your destination and it will also save you a lot of money. Trust me, I have learned from multiple mistakes.

2. Hotels

If you are like me and prefer to stay in central areas for more affordable prices then I have many tips for you. First of all, most hotel search providers have filters that you can add, always ensure that your filters are set for you to be staying as close as possible to the area that you want to be in and if you want it to be under a certain price there is normally a filter for how much you want to spend a night. Usually you can search for the best deal this way.

Often hotels can be misleading about there location so make sure that you always click into see it on a map and see is it in fact as close to the area you wish to stay in. I love searching for hotels, I take it to an absolutely ridiculous level of investigation when booking a hotel but for me that is just part of the fun but it also gives me the advantage of knowing what websites are charging for the same hotels. The price of the same hotel is pretty much different on every single website that you look at, so once you chose your hotel, look around on other websites to make sure you are getting the best deal. If you are a student UNIDAYS often have 10% off coupons for hotels.com and other websites too so make sure you check there.

3. Book in Advance

Booking in advance can offer you some really amazing deals. If I know that if I am wanting to go somewhere in the near future, I will always check out websites such as Ryanair, Aerlingus or Sky Scanner and that is where I usually begin my search for the best deals. I love to make use of the fare finder section on Ryanair or the explore section on Aerlingus to find the best bargain for my buck. These sections not only give you destination ideas but also show you the cheapest dates to go.

4. What to Pack.

Always check the weather around the time you are planning to take your trip. Once I have checked the general temperatures for the time I am going away I then begin to pack my bags. In the past I have always just gone through my wardrobes and chosen items that I thought were nice and I would always end up having too much stuff with me that I would never wear. Now I have started planning outfits before I go... It is a bit annoying and takes a bit longer but at least that way you have clear outfits in mind for daytime and night time and you can overlap items to make new outfits. It has honestly been such an easier way of packing and means that you can bring less items with you. It also saves you a lot of time as while you are away you can quickly get dressed and not be fussing over what to wear.

Finally, enjoy your trip. Embrace new cultures and tradition, respect the local people,

explore, learn and create. Travelling can be the most fulfilling experiences of your life. Make sure that you try local cuisines and enjoy all of the best experiences that these places have to offer, whether it is dining out in trending restaurants, taking a gondola around the city, zip lining through the jungle, whatever the experiences may be just take advantage and enjoy them.

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