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Hello lovelies,

Welcome back to my latest post. So I know I said I would announce the winner to my giveaway last week but I have just been so busy that I have not had a chance to sit down and go through all of the entries so, for those of you interested I have announced the winner of my giveaway over on my Instagram story so check that out to see if you have won! Here is the link here.

This post is basically a massive shout out to the skincare department that Penneys/Primark has been upgrading in the last few months. I can't even begin to tell you how impressed I am with some of their new additions. The Alex Steinherr Collection was launched by Primark/ Penneys first around October and I'm honestly so surprised at myself that I didn't give much of her stuff a go until about a six weeks ago. I have had really great experiences with a lot of her products so far.

I picked up her Sleep Spa - Every Night Eye Mask €5 about a month ago which I absolutely love, if I'm being totally honest though I don't use it every night I probably use it 3/4 nights a week just because I don't have super dry under eyes so I just use my normal eye cream on the other nights as I don't feel that it's necessary for me to use it every single night.

I also picked up her Pore Balance - Anti-Blackhead Stick €6. This one for me honestly isn't my favourite, it comes in stick form so you draw it onto your areas where you see blackheads or clogged pores and rinse it off with water. I don't see a massive difference after using this one, but that said I don't often find products that help me with my blackheads so it is not a major shock that this isn't any different. I do like that is has salicylic acid in it though so I know that it is actually treating the pore, maybe upon further use I will find it better, I will keep you updated.

I also grabbed the Pore Balance Blemish Rescue Stickers €4, these contain ingredients such as salicylic acid and tea tree oil which are both ingredients that I like to use when spot treating. These stickers are great when treating whiteheads, they don't make a massive difference for my under the skin spots and pimples but they do help reduce the inflammation which I will never say no to when it comes to my acne. So yeah for optimal usage I would definitely recommend using for white heads.

The Pollution Solution City Mask, I have only used it once and I did repurchase it because my skin did feel really fresh after using it. You do have to mix the mask your self in a bowl and then apply it on to your face with the spatula that they provide and then after 15-20 minutes you peel it off. I used this mask last week before I went to bed and I did feel that my face was much brighter and clearer the next day so A+ for this product.

Another item from the Pollution Solution range I picked up is 60 Dual Texture Exfoliating Pads. I am an absolute sucker for chemical exfoliation, I think it is so much easier to do and also there has been extensive research to show that it is so much better for your skin as it doesn't cause small cuts on your pores. I usually use the Dr. Dennis Gross Extra Strength Peel Exfoliating pads which I am absolutely obsessed with but they are much too strong to use more then a couple of times a week not to mention they are also quite pricey so I try to savour them for when I really need a deep exfoliation. These exfoliating pads are a much more gentle option but I undoubtedly will continue to use these ones too. My skin feels less clogged and substantially better after using these. They are also an absolute bargain, for 60 pads I think they cost around €6 which is a steal compared to some of the others on the market.

The next item I picked up from the collection is the Sleep Spa - Sleeping Face Mask which again only costs €6. It contains ingredients like hylauronic acid, willow-herb and chamomile which all help to plump and smooth your skin and I can definitely say I feel such a difference after using this. As most of you probably have noticed by now I have an infatuation with masks that you can sleep in and thats another reason why I love this mask. You just apply it and forget about it and enjoy your nights sleep and wash your face as normal in the morning.

Finally from this collection I picked up the Plump & Glow Plumping lip gloss, I believe it only comes in one shade, but its my new favourite. I have been wearing it everyday since I bought it and I am actually going to pick up another one to keep in my car. It compliments my skin tone so much and lasts for a much longer period of time then most lip glosses that I wear. It also contains little rose gold reflects which give you a really nice shiny lip. It says that it gives you a tingling sensation the same way most plumping lip glosses do but I actually haven't felt that at all. It just looks and feels really nice.

I have also been using the Elf Cosmetics Hydrogel Under Eye masks, I believe I also picked these up in Penneys a few weeks ago. I have been using these before any big events that I have had and see such a difference. My eyes feel so much more fresh and awake after using them. I cant remember exactly how much they cost but I think it was around €5 or so. I really recommend them if your under eyes are looking a bit knackered.

As most of you will know I'm sure... none of this post has been sponsored or anything by Penneys/ Primark or any of the brands mentioned in this post. All of my opinions are totally my own and are not in any way affiliated with these brands there are just products that I have been testing and loving that I bought with my own money. All of my posts so far have been that way. I am giving you my honest reviews about what I have found works for my skin. I also really have been drawn to the Alex Steinherr Collection as all of her products are Vegan and not tested on animals which is a major bonus for me. I also hate when my skincare contains fragrance in it as it often irritates my skin and all of these products are fragrance free too which is amazing. Another side tip for any guys or girlfriends/ wives reading this post, a lot of mens skincare products are really heavily fragranced to try to market them specifically for men, this can often be the only difference between men's skincare and women's skincare, I have had a lot of questions from men and about men recently about rashes after shaving, redness and acne on men, try to find products that are fragrance free and I bet you will see a big difference in their skin.

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All my love,

Robyn x


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