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Spring/Summer Fashion Finds

Welcome back lovelies,

I hope you all have been enjoying the spurts of good weather that we have been getting. The infrequent yet celebrated sunshine has been inspiring me to start sprucing up my wardrobe for the summer. It is especially exciting for me to buy some nice bits at the moment as I am going to San Diego on a J1 this summer. So I have been enjoying spending my money on a new summer wardrobe a little too much.

I am the biggest culprit for playing it safe when it comes to my fashion choices. I must admit I love looking at all the outfits people put together during the summer and I love the look of spring/summer fashion but it is something that I can struggle with at times. I struggle with the confidence to incorporate colours and prints and steer away from the dark tones of Autumn/ Winter. I also am not the most body confident person in the world, and often feel self conscious in shorts and skirts and anything arm baring. However I am trying this season to push myself out of my comfort zone and experiment with some cute fashion options.

The first thing that I bought was actually a really cute little white top from New Look, I think it costed me around €15 and it is so flattering and very summery. It is cropped which is not normally a style that I like to sport but I actually really love it on, when matched with anything high waisted you actually can't see any of my stomach because I have a super short torso so it is actually very flattering and will be greatly loved by me for the summer. It has a cute little tie at the front so you don't see too much chest and is off the shoulder. I wore it on Thursday and absolutely loved it. It will definitely be worn a lot this summer. When I wore it I styled it with blue high waisted ripped jeans and cute pumps that I bought in Penney's and a light pink jacket. But when I am wearing it in hotter weather it will go really nicely with high waisted shorts and espadrilles. I can't find it on the New Look website but I will link something similar here.

I next took a trip to Debenhams where I spotted some cute bits in the Miss Selfridge section. The next two things I picked up are very out of character for me and they are also in exactly the same print as each other but I just loved them both and had to buy both of them. The first is this really cute crop top. It is so flattering, I wore it with high waisted jeans and pumps and felt so comfortable. You tie it at the back which I really like about it as it doesn't cut you off unflatteringly, I also loved that it has cute flared shoulder bits so it covers your arms a small bit too. Any of you other pasty white Irish people will totally sympathise with sometimes needing a little shoulder coverage from the sun. I think it was about €22 and students get an additional 10% off which is a massive bonus. I have attached a link to the image.

I picked up a playsuit in the same print. I know I'm unoriginal. However, my logic was that although they are the exact same print they are both a totally different style and look to experiment with. So I reasoned out my splurge. The playsuit was around €30 and is so pretty. I love the print it is super summery without being too much for me. I often find prints are always in really pinky colours, and my skin tone is just too pink to carry off a lot of pink so I love the rusty tones within this. If you click the image it will take you to the link where I got it.

The next piece that I bought is this really cute flowy dress from Zara. Well actually it is a top but I am going to wear it as a dress as I am way too short to wear it as a top. I just though it would be really handy to throw on after a day at the beach with a denim jacket and some pretty sandals. I also thought you could dress it up and wear in the evening time with a really thin belt and a pair of espadrilles.

I also picked up a pair of mom style shorts in a light blue denim. They had lots of colours in them but these were my favourite and they were actually the only colour they had in my right size in the shop so I am telling myself that it was meant to be. They are a looser fit short but not too baggy either. They are nice and high waisted too as I really don't like low rise shorts on myself. Very flattering for summer I am really delighted with them as they will go with so much. Plus €20 for a pair of shorts... what a bargain! Click the picture for the link.

I picked up this little cami from Zara that i thought were really nice with the shorts. You can never have too many white cami's and for €15 it is very pretty and unlike most camis.

Probably one of my favourite pieces that I picked up in this whole haul is this playsuit from Zara. It was €40 but worth every Penny. It was another item out of my usual comfort zone, but the colours in the print are so flattering and it fits like a glove. I cant wait to have an opportunity to wear it out to something soon. It is very suitable for an occasion in the Spring/Summer time. I look forward to getting lots of wear out of it during the summer months.

Finally the last item I picked up was just a really nice cowl neck cami. I actually wore it out on Sunday night and really liked it. My only complaint about it is that it is a bit lower cut then i would have liked. I didn't try it on in the shop so I don't know would I have bought it if I knew how low it would be. It is really nice on but I just have a really short torso so I have to tie the straps together to make it less revealing.

If any of you are wondering about sizing or anything don't hesitate to message me and ask any questions you may have. As always please don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already so you can be kept up to date on all new posts. I will also be doing a lot more posts based on going to San Diego for the summer which will be really exciting so if you are interested to see more and find out more about all of that travel side of things then please don't forget to subscribe.

Happy Shopping!!

All my Love,

Robyn x




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