• Robyn Joy

Roses Are Red And So Is My Face!!

I was going to start this post with a joke about how acne gives me a beautiful flush of colour in my cheeks but honestly, it's such a pain. Those of you who have acne probably understand that one of the worst issues is actually managing the redness. The lumps and bumps are tough to deal with but I have always felt if I could eradicate even just a small amount of redness it would help massively. I have found with the help of a few different products that it is possible... not entirely but I have found ways to manage it slightly better.

I recently purchased a face mask from Dr Dennis Gross' skincare line that is available to buy from Cult Beauty and LookFantastic. Although it is a little pricey,(£37) to me it is worth every penny because you can't put a price on confidence. It has really helped with the redness and I also think that my face doesn't feel quite as full the next day after using it. Obviously, I am not acne free yet but this has really improved the texture of my skin since I've started using it.

It is called The Dr Dennis Gross Clarifying Colloidal Sulfur Mask. I know what you're thinking "Ew, Sulfur! Wont that smell like rotten eggs?" and the answer is surprisingly not at all, it smells surprisingly minty and fresh and somehow they have managed to have no sulfur smell otherwise I would not be able to put it on my face. But it really is great. I usually apply a generous amount over my face and go to bed and wash it off in the morning, and my skin feels great after it. If my spots are really sore and bad, I will sometimes use it under makeup as a primer it gives it a more even finish while also spot treating during the day

This product can actually be used on the back, neck, chest and face. I am lucky enough to not have acne anywhere but my face so I haven't used it elsewhere. When you are applying things to your face always make sure that you have actually washed your hands first, I know that may seem obvious and like pointless information but bacteria on your hands can actually irritate your face so much.

So as I was writing this blog, I wanted to test this out completely and get a before and after picture to see was this just in my head, the first picture here is just before I applied the mask, the second picture is obviously while I had it on (I got a bit cold so I popped a jumper on) and the third is just after I washed it off. Clearly my skin isn't perfect by any means after but it is obvious how much the redness calms down. I cannot recommend this product enough!

If any of you have tried this mask let me know what you think... I feel as though I have tried almost every skin product on the market at this point, but anytime I find a product that actually helps I feel like it would be such a crime to not share such information. I haven't been using this product for that long, only a couple of weeks but I already see a massive difference.

For all my fellow acne covered brothers and sisters... I feel you, it is so annoying but if we all share our experiences we can really get places without having to turn to extremely harsh medications.



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