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Review: Is It Really BPerfect?

Welcome back lovelies,

Today I am going to be reviewing the BPerfect 10 Second Tan; Mousse. I bought it in the shade dark which usually isn't the shade that I take in tans. I usually take a medium shade in my a tan but I bought it before going to my cousins wedding and the lady at the counter was really selling it to me in the dark shade that I just thought why not?


I bought the BPerfect Mitt with the tan so I could use the products together. I did my usual routine, exfoliating the night before and moisturising my body. Just before application, I apply a little amount of moisturiser to my hands and feet, my knees, elbows etc. My first impression when applying the tan was that it does have a scent, which I don't love, but thats just personal preference. It says it's watermelon scent but it just smells like normal tan to me. It has a guide colour so it is easy to apply as you can see exactly where the tan is going and if it is streaky anywhere. It streaked a tiny bit on the back of my arms but it was very easy to blend even after it seemed to dry in so that is a big bonus for me too.


The colour is nice it is darker then I usually go for but it is summer so I don't mind that anyways. It is more of a pinky tone tan which is nice, it is not olive toned at all in my opinion which definitely suits my skin colour better, so that is also a bonus to me! I usually like my tan to be a little more yellowy then pink toned but I actually like this colour so it gets a gold star from me on colour.


It wears nicely, after the first shower the colour is even more natural and gives a golden glow which I am really happy with. After the first few days it doesn't get patchy and start to break upon the skin which means that you definitely get a good few days out of the tan. This makes Robyn a happy lady. After 4 days it does start to get patchy and break up on my skin which is normal for me with tan anyways so I am happy with the amount of wear time that I have gotten out of it.

The price:

I paid about €25 for it which is not a bad price for fake tan and it is about the price that I normally pay for my favourite tans, however, I do expect a great product when I am spending that amount of money on a tan as it is pricey. But I do like this tan so I would spend the money on it again.

Overall I would give this tan an 7.5/10

Ease of application 7/10

Colour 7.5/10

Wearability 9/10

Price 7/10

This product was purchased with my own money and this post is completely not sponsored. All of my opinions are my own. I have inserted a before and after here for a better visual.

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All my love,

Robyn Joy xx


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