• Robyn Joy

Pieces to Pick Up in The Sales

If you are like me and have been flat out broke since Christmas but are the ultimate shopaholic, look no further. Since Christmas my wallet took a huge hit that spending any money on myself has just not been feasible. But with a couple of trips looming over the next few weeks I decided to take the plunge and hit the sales. Its safe to say I was not disappointed. It was becoming hard to control myself, so I narrowed it down to key pieces that would spruce up my wardrobe and make some new outfits.

An essential to any wardrobe in my opinion is a leather jacket, there are some unbelievable fake leather options out there too that are more affordable and also better environmentally. I picked up a new faux leather jacket in Zara today. A leather jacket is the type of piece that

can take you from day to night. It can turn your girly dress into an edgy look - adding that necessary push to your outfit. Your leather jacket can also spice up your athleisure taking you from that running errands look to looking carefully put together. There is also no better look than a good pair of jeans with either a t-shirt or jumper and a nice leather jacket to give you that edgy street style look. It says on the online website that this one costs €40 which is such a steal in my opinion for a piece that can be worn in every season but I actually picked it up in store for €20 today which was an unbelievable find. So if you feel like a quick trip to your local Zara I'd recommend popping in to see if it is still available.

This next piece is one I have been seeing all over social media since Autumn, but I have been afraid to take the plunge until now. A hat is your perfect excuse out of your bad hair day while also giving you a trendy twist on your normal outfit. Hats can sometimes be intimidating to wear on an everyday basis but it can be the difference that pulls your entire outfit together. A wavy hairstyle under this type of hat looks so put together and is the easiest way to look like some of your favourite fashion instagrammers.

I know that technically winter is coming to an end seasonally, but that does not apply when you live in parts of the world like Ireland, don't be fooled as we all know it is not time to pack away those winter clothes for another few months so don't be afraid to stock up on knit wear in the mean time. This cold weather unfortunately isn't going anywhere for awhile but luckily with gorgeous knitted options like these our impatience for summer fashion can be soothed with cozy knits like this at amazing sale prices. Getting different colours in knitwear can also be a great option to spruce up your wardrobe with some different pieces that will offer some colour to the often dull winter palettes.

Another great piece to have in your collection is a faux fur jacket. I like faux fur that looks like real fur but I also really like this new type that seems inspired by the teddy coat trend with a modern twist. I actually got this coat for Christmas and although I was slightly unsure about it at first, I absolutely love it. I pair it with a skirt, jumper, tights and chelsea boots. Today I actually paired it with an all black outfit, I wore a black sweater with, black leather style pants and chelsea boots and I felt chic yet casual and warm. I like that it offers a pop of colour to an outfit and by the looks of things brown is coming back in this year so it will go with all of your upcoming trend inspired pieces.

A new wardrobe for each season is absolutely unnecessary, as much as we would all love to get a whole new wardrobe each season it is much smarter to buy pieces that will take you through the year. Obviously not all of these pieces will be worn all year round but a couple of good purchases under your belt will allow you to incorporate winter pieces even in summer. These pieces are just some of the bits I picked up in the sales and thought useful for wear night and day.



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