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Golden Guide for Your Night Out

Welcome back my lovelies,

So as most of us girls and guys know the night out preparation process truly starts days before your evening out. Planning the perfect outfit, making sure your tan is done, planning what days to wash your hair and making sure you get your skin party ready is all part of the fun. The build up before your evening out is half of the fun. As expected my skin takes a lot of extra prep before an event to try and get it half way decent looking. So as I am going out tomorrow evening to celebrate my best friends 21st birthday I thought it would be appropriate to talk you through my preparations.

At the beginning of the week I used one of my favourite hair products Olaplex to get my hair prepped for the weekend, the reason I use it a few days beforehand is because if I use it the day of or the night before my hair will be too silky and if I'm doing a curled hair look then it will fall out much faster. If I'm doing a straight haired look I will do it the night before as my hair will look really smooth and shiny. I apply the Olaplex Leave in Treatment to wet hair and leave it in for at least 10 minutes, my hair is actually really dry and frizzy naturally so I usually leave it in overnight and wash it out in the morning. My hair always feels amazing after using Olaplex. I have really thick long hair and even though the bottle looks small it has actually lasted me a long time and I use it quite often.

Of course fake tan is a girls best friend before your night out. My favourite fake tan that I

have found is the St. Tropez Purity Bronzing Water Mousse. I really like this tan because I am very fair skinned naturally and some of the different tans that I have tried can make me look really orange. I was really nervous to try this tan as it is a clear mousse so it can be hard to see where you apply it, I was really afraid that I would be streaky because I have had that problem with gradual tans in the past but I am almost finished a full bottle of it and haven't had a single issue with that yet. I am one of those people that hates the smell of tan and I find that this one isn't quite as strong smelling as some of the other tans on the market. I usually really don't like how tan transfers so much and ruins your clothes and bedsheets, but with this one there is very little transfer, I would still be careful of white clothing with it but it doesn't transfer a fraction as much as most tans that I have tried.

Of course my favourite and most crucial part is my skin prep. My skin as a lot of you will already know is extremely acne prone but extremely dry in areas too. Many of the products for treating acne can be very harsh and drying on your skin, so before an event I try to take extra precautions to make sure my skin is properly hydrated beforehand as makeup and alcohol can really dry it out and make it far worse. I make sure to cleanse my skin with my usual acne fighting products but then I use a toner or micellar water with hylauronic acid to ensure added moisture.

I usually do a face mask the night before, I know that I speak about my favourite masks an awful lot here but I really swear by a few that I really love. One of my new favourites is actually the L'Oreal Pure Clay Red Algae Glow Mask. This mask is great for brightening your skin up and removing any excess dirt, my only thing with this mask is if your skin is very dry it mightn't be your best option as clay can also be quite drying on the skin. My other favourite masks to use on the day of, or night before are the Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Mask, The Summer Fridays Jet lag Mask and the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Mask. I have spoken about how amazing all of these are on here before so I wont go into too much detail but the Charlotte Tilbury Mask is amazing if you want your skin to look bright, fresh and flawless, it makes applying makeup on your skin a dream. The Sumer Fridays Jet Lag Mask is such a gorgeous drink for your skin, it gives your skin so much hydration and leaves you looking and feeling fresh and glowy. The Neutrogena Mask is the most affordable option out of all of these masks and it such a gorgeous mask to leave your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.

Finally don't forget to spot treat you blemishes the night before with your usual treatments and if you do all of these steps you are sure to look exactly like Jenifer Lopez ;)

If you have tried any of these products already, let me know what you think or if you have any other questions regarding any products on my posts please don't hesitate to get in touch, these products are obviously not sponsored in anyway so these opinions are all unbiased. I absolutely love hearing from people so you can contact me through private message on my blog by signing up or else through my Instagram. Please don't forget to subscribe for all future updates on my blog posts and I also have some really exciting announcements coming up this week so check back to find out more.

All my Love,

-Robyn x


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