• Robyn Joy

Makeup Removal 101

One of the most sought after trends of the past few years has been double cleansing. What is double cleansing you ask? Some would say its a clever ruse to get us to spend more money on beauty products, others would suggest it is the biggest game changer in your skincare routine. How do I feel about double cleansing? Well, let me tell you...

Double cleansing is a technique that was developed in Korea that not only adds time to your beauty routine but also costs you more money, now I know what you're thinking... I sound like a real hater of the entire trend but I must admit I am quite the opposite, after a long day it can be such an annoying step to your regime but when you know the result will be so lovely it is a worthy winning step. Double cleansing consists of removing your makeup with an oil based cleanser first ( I know what your thinking acne + oil cleanser, but just trust me on this one) after applying the oil cleanser to your face it will often look as though your whole face has melted... this is totally normal. The oil cleanser just ensures that your makeup, SPF and sebum get broken down properly allowing for a much cleaner face. After you finish with your oil based cleanser and remove it from your face you work in your water based cleanser, using a cotton pad swiping gently over your skin to pick up any left over makeup until eventually you are getting nothing on your cotton pad anymore.

There are a lot of different types of these cleansers that will work to do this process. I usually only do this at night time, if I'm entirely honest I don't think I've ever tried it in the morning. But before I go to bed this is a step that allows my face to feel noticeably smoother and cleaner. I personally really like the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm and following it with my Omorovicza Cleansing Foam. But if your skin reacts well with coconut oil you can use that as a dupe with your normal every day face cleanser or wash. My skin used to react fantastically with coconut oil but it doesn't work quite as well with my skin anymore. But that is not to say that it wont work fantastically with yours and it is also a cheap and natural alternative.

If you haven't tried double cleansing already, you are missing out. It really is great for your skin and is a fantastic way to take your makeup off. As much as a makeup wipe may seem like the easiest and best way to take your makeup off, they just are not enough to ensure proper removal of dirt and makeup. People with oily skin are often told to veer off oil based everything but after much research double cleansing on oily skin can actually help dramatically. The oil based cleanser will break up the skins sebum and the water based cleanser will actually remove those oils and sebum, leaving you with clearer, more fresh skin.

Double cleansing is honestly a really fantastic way to clean your skin more effectively, if you are still skeptical about whether it really is necessary there is plenty of information out there for you to ensure that you make the most educated choices for your skin.

So keep cleansing folks.



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