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Is Your Adult Acne Keeping You Young??

Well unfortunately mine is...

I would love nothing more than to have perfect glowing skin, but much to my dismay that isn't always possible. I turned 20 in November 2017 and shortly after, my skin took a turn for the worst... Just when I thought I had turned that corner from spotty teenager to sophisticated 20 year old, I was greeted with a harsh reality of sore under the skin red spots.

Honestly, this has been an uncomfortable journey for me... My skin and my insecurities surrounding it was knocking my confidence to the point that those non makeup days were few and far between which of course made my skin worse. Multiple doctors trips, dietary changes, changes in hormonal pills and a course of antibiotics later, I was still getting absolutely nowhere with my skin. Truly it felt as though it was getting far worse.

My Cult Beauty orders were getting more frequent and more expensive, spending most of my weekly paycheques on new products to try and calm down this angry outbreak on my face. My right cheek, and under my jawline on the right hand side of my chin was the worst affected, the rest of my face was pretty clear. It was baffling me and after much research I had come to the conclusion that this was in fact hormonal/cystic acne.

My Acne in November

Sharing this type of photo is honestly really sensitive for me, it is not exactly the type of picture that I would normally post of myself but if I'm going to talk about it I may as well be transparent and honest.

Apparently 1 in 5 people in their early 20's suffer from this type of acne. So I have found a routine that has helped mine an awful lot. My skin is still not perfect but I have found lots of tips and tricks to managing it. If any of you have suffered with any type of acne, they key to soothing your skin is understanding the causes for the problem in the first place. Mine was definitely triggered by hormones but also my diet did not help. I have an insane sweet tooth and that was coming straight out on my face and irritating my cystic spots even more.

My top tricks to helping your acne are as follows:

1. Try to avoid lots of sugar and dairy in your diet.

2. Have a skin routine in the morning and at night.

3. Be consistent with your routine.

4. Make sure to use a face wash with acne soothing ingredients such a salicylic acid.

5. Drink lots of water.

Tune into my next few posts to find out the best and worst products that have helped to soothe my angered skin and hopefully they will help some of you with your skin journey. I have spent hundreds if not thousands of euros in the past 14 months trying to fix this problem and hopefully I can help to cut some corners for you to find some products that will actually help.



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