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A Pandemonium During a Pandemic

Well everyone,

There is absolutely no better time to get my groove back with this blog then today! Welcome back and thanks for being patient! I'm so late getting back to this because I had a twinge in my back and I was afraid to get out of bed. Just kidding, I had lost my creative juices a bit since I have come back from America but I think I am ready to start back at this again. (I know a bit of a long excuse, don't hate.)

I hope you and your loved ones are all keeping safe and well during this Pandemic. It's a little bit of a strange time. I am starting to feel like climbing the walls might be a very fun task to try and complete considering there is absolutely nothing else fun to do these days. Actually... that is a complete lie, I have actually stood in dog poo twice today... once barefoot and once in shoes so thats really good fun way to spend an afternoon in isolation.

So what is everyone else doing to keep themselves sane during this bizarre new reality, that we have to conform to keep everyone safe? I have seen many pictures of people doing lots of baking... I see you banana bread bakers. There is literally no flour in any of the supermarkets which is so strange. Who would have thought flour would be such a hot commodity?

That is one thing that has been kind of comical to see during this Pandemic... to see the things that the supermarkets are running out of, and the things that people are stockpiling. Some of the things people are buying are just so random that it is kind of hilarious. People were really into stockpiling toilet paper at the beginning of all of this, which is so random. I don't know about you, but when I think about being locked in my house for a few months the first thing that came to my brain was not "Well, I better make sure I have enough toilet paper to keep my ass clean" but maybe that's just me?

Who am I to judge anybody though? I literally have been the most unprepared person ever for this pandemic. The only panic buying I did was a massive makeup and skincare order from LookFantastic. I know right? I am a girl with my priorities straight. You know what I stand by that decision, some people were panicking about wiping their ass and I was panicking about looking like one. So my vanity is really in the interest of those who Facetime me.

I must admit, I have been really impressed with peoples creativity during this pandemic. I think everyone and their mother has given in to joining and making TikTok's. I'll admit it, even I caved... but I have yet to make a video at the moment stalking other people being funny is about as much creativity as I can handle. I love watching everyone being so hilarious on it and in my mind I'm like "oh yeah, I could so do that" but in reality it would be an absolute disaster. So I won't subject myself to it.

I am also loving the absolute hysteria about the extra hair everyone is dealing with, women are panicking about not being able to wax their moustaches, chin hairs and eyebrows and men in absolute panic about their haircuts. I keep seeing all of these memes on Instagram saying things like if your boyfriend still has hair at this point you're doing well ladies and how true that is, I gave in last week and gave my boyfriend a haircut and at the beginning when I was nervous he reassures me and says "don't worry about it babe, if it goes badly we can just shave my head" Oh yeah James, that's a reassuring idea. Thankfully, I actually have a hidden barber talent and we didn't have to do a factory reset on his head. I have seen so many new baldies on Instagram, even my uncle has given into the new trend. When everyone finally gets to go back to normal there is going to be some seriously hilarious haircuts walking around the place.

Well anyways guys, I am about to sign off. Do me a favour and try not to kill the people you're isolating with. You will like them so much more in a few weeks when you are not stuck in the same house all day everyday. Keep making those jigsaws and please tie dye everything in your wardrobe as it will go so well with your bad haircuts and chin hairs.

Wash your hands, stay home and be safe.

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All my Love,

Robs x


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